Legal Consultation Wings

Legal Consultation Wings

Legal Wings offers trial Consultants that are creative, professional and are skilled with the latest trial technology tools and database management. We understand the demands and pressure of the courtroom. Our trial technicians will consult with you while creating your presentation, demonstrate evidence, utilizing graphics to help Judge and Jury visualize your case with audio exhibits, video depositions and animations. Consider the technicians an extension of your team.

Courtroom Presentation

Utilizing a Trial Consultant to display documents, graphics, animations, photos, video clips, and other exhibits, can greatly enhance your ability to visualize your story and argument to the Judge and Jury. We will magnify and highlight exhibit documents or graphics on the big screen and courtroom monitors to enable any jury to fully view and comprehend the evidence being presented. We can play an actual deposition video during impeachment, as opposed to the attorney simply reading from the transcript.

Graphic and Animation Creation

Good graphic design is worth a thousand words and can give your opening and closing statements the extra edge to bring the story together for the Judge and Jury. Legal graphics play a critical role in helping you tell your story by crystallizing these key themes and concepts. An effective design and layout not only captures the reader’s attention, but it leads him through a series of steps to understand and interpret your message to form a lasting impression.

Video Clip Editing

The use of video in courtroom has grown over the past few years. It’s more effective to have the face of the witness (who is in the witness stand) appear on screens throughout the courtroom contradicting his/her own testimony . By synchronizing videotape depositions to their corresponding transcripts.

Trial Exhibit and Database Case Organization

We can support the intensive preparation leading up to trial by working side-by-side with your trial team. During pre-trial preparation, we’ll assist in creating your exhibit database. We have expert that are experienced with a wide variety of file formatting and will convert existing images or documents into Trial Director presentation software.