Online Market Wings

Online Market Wings

Marketing operations can lead to mind-blowing growth when executed by professionals and fueled by a productive marketing technology stack.

After we ramped up marketing operations for Real Thread, the online t-shirt printer experienced a 51% lift in online orders. We connected their marketing tools with their sales tools, established communication between the marketing and the sales teams, started consistent lead scoring in order to turn leads into marketing qualified leads, made reporting comprehensive, and created personalized nurture journeys for different buyer personas.

Our marketing operations work for Carolina Designs lead to a 189% increase in conversions compared to the standard funnel and a 500% increase in leads across all campaigns. We analyzed the funnel, determined marketing automation opportunities, implemented A/B testing, created and implemented a strategy for lead captures, transitioned from MailChimp to a more robust automation tool, personalized emails, and built reports and dashboards.

We couldn’t achieve numbers like that with one-off growth hacking tricks or other isolated efforts. We could only get there with professional marketing operations backed by a comprehensive marketing infrastructure.

Understanding the role of marketing operations and making your own marketing operations amazing can be the golden ticket for your company. Read on to learn all you need to know to make it happen.